on Fri, Feb 23 2018 14:50:00

It’s often said that the most  sophisticated jazz audiences in the world these days are to be found in Japan. So I’m delighted, but not surprised, that Stacey has won this important award for her beautiful new album. She’s one of the truly great jazz singers of this or any other era - and one of the most subtle. Her brilliant technique works through understatement, nuance and implication to create complex shades of feeling. In other words, she exemplifies the kind of artistic qualities Japanese people have understood and celebrated for centuries. It’s been a privilege for me to write lyrics for her over these past ten years, and I’m so glad I was again allowed to contribute to this superb new record. I hope Japanese jazz fans will go on from here to have a long, deep love affair with Stacey Kent’s music. - KAZUO ISHIGURO, Novelist, Lyricist, Nobel Laureate

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